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Legal Brief Printing

With the wealth of experience we have accumulated in almost 90 years of legal printing, we are well-prepared to assist you in all of the details associated with printing briefs for the:

Court of Appeals for the State of Oregon
Supreme Court for the State of Oregon
U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit


$0.10 per printed page (or click)

  GBC up to ½" $1.50 per brief
    ⅝" to 1" $3.25 per brief
    1¼" to 2" $7.25 per brief
  Staple   $0.25 per brief
  Stitch and Tape   $2.50 per brief


Overtime begins to accrue at 5:00 PM (at $20.00/hour); however, for the safety of our employees, we require that there be at least two employees here in an overtime situation. Therefore, for work done after 5:00 pm, you will be charged at two times the overtime rate.

General Guidelines for Briefs

Please give us a call before you bring in your brief, so that we may schedule it; the more notice the better. Please provide us with one perfect copy. If you are having us do the mailing for you, make sure the brief and its certificates are signed by the attorney. Your completed briefs will be returned as soon as they are done if you are mailing them, or extra copies will be delivered by noon the next business day if we handle the mailing.

Color of Cover

We are familiar with the requirements of most courts; however, if there is any question about proper color, we will contact you for instructions.

Single vs. Double-Sided

All Ninth Circuit briefs are printed single-sided. Briefs for the Oregon courts are printed single-sided, unless they are prepared with numbering suitable for double-sided copying (odd numbers at right margin, even numbers at left margin) and/or we are told that double-sided copying is preferred.

Mailing and Mailing Labels

Postage and shipping charges are billed at cost. There is no additional shipping or handling charge.

If we will be mailing the brief, please provide us with mailing labels for the court and all opposing or co-counsel and/or clients. We send the required number of copies to the court and to opposing counsel, and if mailing labels are supplied for any additional parties, we will send 1 copy to each unless instructed otherwise. If the brief must be mailed via certified mail, please provide completed USPS certified mail receipts.

Procedures Regarding Printing Confidential Briefs — ORAP Rule 5.95

The brief is checked — never read! — to verify that page numbering is consecutive and that no page numbers appear to have been omitted or duplicated. If we are to mail the brief, we check to make sure it is signed and that the date on any certificate(s) of service or mailing is the correct mailing date.

If for some reason the brief cannot be printed immediately, it is stored in a secure place until such time as it can be printed.

All copies are prepared for mailing (or delivery) and placed in sealed envelopes (or boxes). One additional copy is required for billing purposes; however, the brief is invoiced immediately (or placed in a sealed envelope and stored in a secure place until it can be checked and invoiced), and then this remaining copy is shredded.


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