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Form Number: 853
Form Title: General Power of Attorney, Durable (Individual or Corporate, Long Form)
Publisher: Stevens-Ness Law Publishing Co.
The form is designed for use in Oregon

Important information about electronic forms:

Our electronic forms are available for one-time use, or subscription periods of 90, 180 or 365 days. Forms purchased for one-time use must be used within 24 hours of completing your order; after this period you will lose access to them. When you purchase an extended subscription, you will be notified when your form has been updated, and receive a reminder to repurchase it when it has expired (unless you selected not to receive email notifications). (More information about electronic forms is available here.)

In order to print electronic forms, your printer must be capable of printing to within 0.25" of the page edge.

Note: Turning on any "shrink to fit" settings or reducing the document size will produce a form that may not be legally acceptable.

Click here to test your printer. Stevens-Ness cannot provide refunds for problems arising from incompatible printers or incorrect print settings. Important: You must use Adobe ReaderTM to view, print and fill out our electronic forms. If this program is not yet installed on your computer, you can download it here. For best results, always use the most current version of Adobe Reader.

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