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Services – Overview

Whatever it is you need, you can count on the Stevens-Ness team to do their best to get it into your hands. Our staff boasts a wealth of experience in legal forms, business products and furniture, legal brief and commercial printing, and more – and we're always happy to put our expertise to work in finding just the product you need.

If you're downtown, drop into our store at 916 SW 4th Avenue (between Salmon and Taylor) and let our friendly, capable sales representatives behind the counter answer your questions. We can set up a charge account for you if you like (pending credit approval), and deliveries within the metropolitan area are always free! (See Shipping Information for more details.)

If you have a general question that you'd like to send via e-mail, just click here to send it – a Stevens-Ness representative will respond promptly.

If your company is in downtown Portland and you'd like a salesperson to call on you, just let us know.

Give us a call at 503-223-3137, and we'll be happy to help you!


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