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About Electronic Forms

This page is intended to answer your questions about the electronic versions of our legal forms. We attempt to update this page periodically with new information as necessary.

How do I find Stevens-Ness electronic forms?

While browsing through the forms on our site, you'll see a clear indication when a particular form is available in electronic format. You can order electronic forms from the same form detail page that shows paper options.

What's the difference between the two types of electronic forms?

When a form is available electronically, you'll usually see two options. A PrintForm™ is the electronic equivalent of coming to our store and purchasing a paper form. You print out your form, and then you can fill it out by hand or use a typewriter. A FillForm™ is an enhanced electronic form that you can fill out on your computer for a neat, polished appearance. Open the form and type the required information in the blank spaces. When you're finished you can print your filled-out form.

How do I use Stevens-Ness electronic forms?

When you purchase electronic forms, you will create an account (if you haven't already). Upon completing your purchase, you'll be directed to your account page where you can access your purchased forms. Important: When you purchase a single-use electronic form, you must use it within 24 hours of completing your order; after this period you will lose access to it. You may want to gather any information that will be required to fill out the form before completing your purchase. We also offer extended subscriptions of 90, 180 or 365 days for most of our forms; purchasing a subscription allows you the convenience of multiple uses over a longer period of time. You are notified whenever your form has been updated, and you receive a reminder to repurchase it when it has expired.

You must use Adobe Reader™ to view, print and fill out our electronic forms. If this program is not yet installed on your computer, you can download it here. For best results with our electronic forms, always use the most current version of Adobe Reader.

Why isn't the Stevens-Ness/Washington Legal Blank form I want to purchase available in electronic format?

Postcards, envelopes, books, kits, certificates and forms measuring larger than 8.5 inches wide or 14 inches tall are not available in electronic format. If the form you want to purchase does not fall into one of the above categories, click here to send us an inquiry (please include the specific form number you're inquiring about).

How can I purchase more than a one-time single-use electronic form?

Good news – we now offer extended-use form subscriptions, as well as multi-form packages. Longer-term subscription options are available for nearly all of our forms and can be seen on the detail page for a specific form. If you're interested in packages, click here for a list of available form packages and a link to the forms they contain.

How can I receive news about changes and updates to your electronic form options?

We periodically send email to our customers when we have news about our electronic forms and the options available on our website. If you'd like to be on the list to receive these notifications, please click here.


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